Each year, hundreds of women seek safety and shelter at Bethlehem Haven.

Women like Marti, who was sleeping in her car last January when the temperatures dropped to 9 degrees.

“I thought I would die. It was so cold. I didn’t know what to do. So I emailed Bethlehem Haven and told them my story.”

Marti and her two teenage sons lost their home when her husband abruptly left them. The bills piled up. She sold everything they owned, she worked full time, but she couldn’t catch a break. A friend took her boys so they could stay in school, yet Marti had no place to go. She slept in her car, showered at the Y, and went to work every day.

“It was impossible to get ahead. I had to pay my friend “room and board” for my sons. I just couldn’t get a security deposit together.”

But you changed her life. Because of your donations, we called Marti back the minute we got her email and put her in a hotel for the weekend. We paid the security deposit, and within 5 days, she and her boys were back under one roof.

A warm hug, a shoulder to cry on, a hand up when it was needed most – these are the priceless moments you have offered to the women at Bethlehem Haven.

Being homeless is a very lonely place to be – with no friends or family to turn to – but you made hundreds of women know that they were not alone. They could count on you.

To help keep families like Marti’s together, make your donation today.


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