Give Alert

Each year, hundreds of women seek safety and shelter at Bethlehem Haven.

They are young women who have been kicked out of their homes. Older women who have been abused by their adult children. They are working women who lost their job when the company downsized.

One missed paycheck, one medical emergency, one bad decision, one blind corner – and the house of cards comes tumbling down. They are left homeless, hungry and hurting.

But you were there for them. Every gift you gave – whether it was your time, talents or treasure –reminded them that someone cared.

  • 279 women sought refuge at Emergency Shelter. You made sure they all had new pajamas and toiletries. You made dinner, broke bread and offered fellowship.
  • 188 women stayed in the transitional housing programs. You offered work clothes and job opportunities so they could rebuild their lives.
  • 28 women with challenging mental illnesses had permanent, safe and supportive housing. You helped them to feel whole again by providing meals, poetry workshops, and birthday parties to celebrate who they are.
  • 157 older women and 58 families were able to avoid homelessness. You paid their overdue rent so they could stay in the community where their children go to school.
  • 15 women and 2 men were served in the Medical Respite Program. You offered them a safe place to heal and receive medical services when they were homeless.

A warm hug, a shoulder to cry on, a hand up when it was needed most – these are the priceless moments you have offered to the women at Bethlehem Haven.

Being homeless is a very lonely place to be – with no friends or family to turn to – but you made hundreds of women know that they were not alone. They could count on you.


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