Your gift makes a real impact in the lives of so many women.

The Bethlehem Haven’s women’s shelter is on the front lines protecting women who are experiencing homelessness in the face of new challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cathy came home one day in March to find all of her belongings on the porch. Her boyfriend wanted to start a new life with another woman. She was blindsided. Her name wasn’t on the lease and he wanted her gone that day.

“I spent 20 years raising our children, taking care of that house, and now I’m homeless. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. I didn’t know what to do.”

Cathy came to Bethlehem Haven when she had no place else to go. Today, she is safely housed and thriving with a new job and her own apartment.

Cathy gives a lot of credit to Bethlehem Haven. We give all the credit to you.

Your generous donations give women like Cathy hope. 


271 women sought refuge at the Emergency Shelter.
You made sure they had new pajamas and toiletries. You made dinner, broke bread, and offered fellowship.

26 women with challenging disabilities had permanent, safe, and supportive housing.
You helped them to feel whole again by providing birthday parties to celebrate who they are.

60 formerly-homeless men and women remained stable in their housing.
You provided household goods, cleaning supplies, PPE, and food boxes when the pandemic hit.

166 families were able to avoid eviction and remain safely in their homes. You paid their overdue rent so they could stay in the community where their children go to school.

175 women and men had a safe place to heal and receive medical services when they were homeless.
You offered nutritious snacks and meals so they could grow stronger.

Being homeless is a very lonely place to be - with no friends or family to turn to - but you made hundreds of women and men know that they were not alone. They could count on you.