LadelleLadelle is a mother and an addict. She came to Bethlehem Haven after she was released from Allegheny County jail.

“I had nowhere to go. As much as I pleaded with my family and friends no one would take me in.”

Word of mouth amongst her fellow inmates referred her to Bethlehem Haven upon her release. A bed was reserved for her so she wouldn’t be out on the streets that night.

Hundreds of people leaving jails or prisons in Allegheny County have significant challenges finding safe and affordable housing. As a result, many wind up homeless.

Bethlehem Haven recognizes that everyone deserves housing in our community regardless of their addictions, mental health, disability or criminal history. Women like Ladelle, are welcomed with hospitality and empowered to rebuild their lives.

Within 60 days of her stay, Ladelle attended counseling with the Haven’s Drug & Alcohol team to address her struggle with addiction, received custody advice through the Uptown Legal Clinic to begin the reunification process with her daughter, and found stable housing.

Every day Bethlehem Haven receives phone calls from women just like Ladelle. Finding and securing affordable housing for women who have many barriers such as criminal histories, addictions, and past evictions, is especially difficult.

“My case managers never gave up on me. They fought harder for me than anyone ever has.”

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