RobinRobin came to the doors of Bethlehem Haven’s Emergency Shelter after being medically diagnosed as blind. In the months prior, Robin was living in unhealthy conditions, missing work, and lost connections with her community. She was scared, vulnerable, and losing hope.

Within a week of her stay, it became very apparent to her case managers that she needed more intensive care and she was not ready to return into the community just yet.

“I never thought I would have to re-teach myself how to live independently again.”

Robin was moved into the Haven’s Medical Respite program, she was provided a safe environment to rest, while accessing medical care and other supportive services.

Soon, Robin was feeling like herself again. She was smiling and confident. Bethlehem Haven created a home-like setting, gave her a sense of community, and empowered her to take charge of her health.

“I wouldn’t be here today without the care I received at Bethlehem Haven.”

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